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Advisory Services

Advisory Services

What do we do as advisors?
KPMG supports companies operating in a dynamic environment shaped by globalization and growth and enables them to both seize opportunities and manage risks. The statutory requirements are of central importance. Digitization and the associated theme of data security are increasingly gaining importance. Businesses turn to KPMG for a better understanding of market dynamics. Thanks to our expertise, we are able to offer clients innovative advice on business, regulatory, transaction-oriented, legal and IT-specific topics in every business situation while our global mind-set allows us to help our clients achieve results.

What does the average day look like?
The work can be so varied that it is difficult to describe an average day, although typical tasks that can be expected of someone in advisory services include performing research and financial analysis, attending meetings with clients, writing reports, performing company valuations, developing pitch books or proposals and in general providing support.

What will I learn as a career starter?
You will learn a vast combination of skills including company and industry research, valuation, financial analysis, project management, report writing, business development (e.g. proposals and pitch books) and exposure to financial models. Your further development in a specific subject matter will depend on your skills and your individual career plan.

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