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Apprentice for IT (certified)

Apprentice for IT

You will have a chance to acquire well-founded IT knowhow during your four-year-long education that will serve as an excellent base for your future.

You will have a chance to acquire well-founded IT knowhow.

Systems technician

IT specialists who are systems technicians plan, realize and administrate IT networks. This includes the installing and configuring PC workplaces and servers, as well as the monitoring of IT components so that they are available to the users at all times so that, for instance, the printer will indeed print. You will also be responsible for making back-ups so that no data is lost. You will make sure that data, the systems and networks are secure.

Business IT specialist

Business IT specialists are all-rounders who do jobs having to do with systems as well as software development. Depending on where you land, different focal points will be stressed. You will be asked to support clients in complex IT issues and train them in new software, trying to understand what the client is looking for and providing insights. You will help people start using their new devices, install servers and configure networks. You will ensure client and user support and make sure that the use of devices is secure. You will develop software that will support services, processes, products and controls.

Application developer

Application developers are engaged in programming. Your job will include many tasks. First, find out what the client is looking for. Then analyze the problem in-depth in order to propose the different solutions, showing the different advantages/disadvantages. Then program the solution and test it before it is implemented. After this, users will have to be trained to use the new application. In order to be able to build up on the initial program, it has to be documented properly.

Business IT specialists work in software companies, banks, insurers and in public authorities. Applications are programs that are used for specific processes, such as accounting, production planning, payment operations of a bank or in the internet.

This is what makes you special

  • Graduated from high school (Sek A) with good or even excellent grades
  • Excellent performance in science and mathematics
  • Interested in IT and with a technical understanding for procedures and processes
  • Powerful imagination and reliable, diligent and exact
  • Independent and open-minded person who is interested in technical developments and who has a certain stamina
  • Service-oriented and communicative

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Further information

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