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Get off to a flying-start after you leave school. At KPMG, you experience the culture and business of a global company from day one.

Get off to a flying-start after you leave school.

Your apprenticeship at KPMG

KPMG is one of the world’s biggest auditing and advisory companies. We help and advise companies, public authorities and wealthy individuals in the areas of audit, tax and advisory services. As apprentice for business administration, IT or mediamatics you will have the possibility to support different teams in an international company with your motivation and your new ideas. Together we will build the foundation to your successful career.


Apprentice for business administration (certified)

Apprentice for IT (certified)

Apprentice for mediamatics (certified)

What does KPMG do?

Audit: Most companies in Switzerland have to prove that they handle their own, owed and borrowed money carefully and correctly, for instance, the use of business income, the salaries for employees or physical assets of the company, such as buildings or machinery.

Audit means reviewing the financial situation of a company.

Tax: Most adults and companies in Switzerland have to pay taxes. For some persons and companies, it can be very difficult to calculate how much taxes they have to pay. Among other things, it depends on the size and the type of assets and the kinds of business activities a company is involved in.

Our tax specialists advise and support persons and companies by calculating the taxes they should be paying according to the law.

Advisory: The environment in which we live changes constantly. Companies also want or have to adjust to these. But sometimes it is difficult to know how exactly one should change as a firm in order to remain successful also in the future.

KPMG Advisory advises and supports companies in their transformation.


If you have any questions, please contact Kim Ries via e-mail or phone +41 58 249 59 45.