Meet Rosina

Rosina has grown her career at KPMG for the past 15 years and never stopped learning.

Meet Rosina

"One of my priorities is fostering my team members’ individual strengths so they can realize their full potential."

When did you start working for KPMG and what do you do now?

I have enjoyed working in KPMG’s HR department for the past 15 years. Last summer I was appointed as Head of HR Transformation & Operations and HR Chief Operating Officer driving forward company-wide strategic and operational initiatives with my teams.
I joined KPMG as a member of the HR Marketing and Recruiting Team – the ideal job for getting to know the company in-depth. For the past five years I worked as an HR Business Partner and supported several management teams in making all kinds of HR-relevant changes.

Who or what has given you particular support on your path?

KPMG has been an ideal employer for me – a place where I can grow and thrive. It’s an environment where you will never stop learning and improving. In addition, you can bring in new ideas and put them into practice. My performance manager has been very supportive of my advancement. There has always been an atmosphere of mutual trust, which is of central importance.

What tips would you give others for successfully navigating the professional world?

Take responsibility for your own professional development, talk with your supervisor and other stakeholders about your goals so that they think of you as soon as new opportunities arise, and remember to be patient.

What is your management style?

I’ve received feedback that I am approachable, challenging, appreciative and pragmatic. I expect my teams to offer solutions rather than focusing on problems. I require regular up-to-date information to make the best decisions and have a good overview to implement the projects and provide appropriate support if needed. One of my priorities is fostering my team members’ individual strengths so they can realize their full potential.

How does KPMG help you combine your private and professional lives?

For me, mutual flexibility is the most important thing – when it comes to where and when I work – with an emphasis on mutual. Flexibility is a give and take. This helps me to find the optimal balance between family and career, so that my daily life is fulfilling and everything runs as smoothly as possible.