Our people: Tiziana

How did you get involved with KPMG and what made you decide to join us?

During my university studies I participated at a KPMG career event focused on getting to know the day-to-day business and people working there. The workshop was really inspiring and KPMG had captured my attention ever since. After completing my Master’s degree, I applied as assistant auditor for the corporate audit department. I have been working at KPMG for three years now and was recently promoted to senior assistant.

What are, in your view, the greatest benefits of working for KPMG?

In our daily business, we work in different teams which helps develop valuable skills in communication and work organization. Starting from day one, you will take on responsibility which helps you grow, both personally and professionally.

How does KPMG support you to learn and grow?

Whilst working at KPMG, I had the possibility to enroll for the training for the Swiss Certified Public Accountant. I have already completed two modules of exams and this year, I will have access to the Professional Judgement. During these years, I have always received great assistance in terms of time and finance, along with personal and professional support. It was a perfect balance of working hours and free time for studying, allowing me to prepare in the best possible way for my exams.

What is your personal career highlight at KPMG?

I had the opportunity to work on international engagements where I could meet and collaborate with clients from different countries and cultures.
Working with clients with different cultural backgrounds has widened my horizon since I was exposed to different ways of working and cultural beliefs. This experience helped me to improve both my communication and problem-solving skills.

What is your personal "dare to" moment?

This year, I was appointed to the Audit Next Gen Board. We are a group of young Audit professionals who act as ambassadors and drivers of innovation. This commitment has taken me out of my comfort zone many times. It has, however, turned out to be a really rewarding experience.

What would you tell people who are not sure if they should join KPMG?

At KPMG, you will experience an informal and dynamic work environment. You will be able to develop leadership skills and be part of an amazing team.
Thanks to a variety of assignments and challenging work, you will sharpen your multi-tasking skills and innovative mindset. Get ready to take on new challenges and apply at KPMG!