Our people: Philipp

Do you remember what your dream-job was when you were a child? Tell us about it.

This might sound a bit stereotypical but growing up I wanted to become an airline pilot. I’ve always been fascinated by flying – the technology and the lifestyle around airports and travelling.

How is your job at KPMG related to your childhood dream job?

As a Manager in the Audit Corporates function, I’m the first officer on the audit engagement’s flight through the audit season. While during this flight we may encounter rough weather and turbulences, it is my ultimate responsibility, together with the captain (the Audit Partner), to ensure that crew (our Audit team) and passengers (our clients) both arrive safely at their destination (the delivery of our auditor’s report). At the same time, the passengers should be satisfied with the flight in order fly with Air KPMG again next year.

What would you tell your ten-year-old self about what you have achieved?

I remember that as a ten-year old, I was extremely hungry to constantly learn new things and to be challenged at school and in sports. At KPMG, I’ve never stopped learning. Almost every day, my job brings about new challenging situations to solve.

How have you developed during your time at KPMG?

Professionally and personally, I have learned to speak up and be vocal about my ideas in order to change things for the better. I’m an entrepreneurial thinker and therefore I aim to continuously improve things – both for myself and for KPMG. This entrepreneurial spirit has been encouraged by my work environment from the day I started with KPMG five years ago by providing me with opportunities and responsibilities beyond my regular scope of work, such as leading innovation projects or giving me the opportunity to take over large client engagements.

Have you experienced a "dare to" moment that took you out of your comfort zone?

A stock-quoted company recently put their audit mandate up for tender. The team consisted of only the Audit Partner and me. During several meetings with very senior managers we were able to convince the company to make the switch to KPMG. These presentations take some courage, as you’re put on the spot and your pitch can make the difference between winning and losing a significant and recurring engagement.

In general, it is one of the perks of my position that I get to work with many very experienced professionals, such as CEOs, CFOs and board members, as well as with our own Partners. I see these encounters as great opportunities for me to keep growing.

Finally, are there any cool events you do away from the office?

At the KPMG Bern office, our legendary annual skiing day is the most important event to attend. We have lots of avid skiers in our team – so this is a great opportunity for everybody to hit the slopes, enjoy some great scenic views and just spend some quality time together, far away from the meeting rooms.