Our people: Dario

Do you remember what your dream job was when you were a child? Tell us about it.

When I was a child, I had several dream jobs, but two of my favorite ones were to become a veterinary and a taxi driver. Looking back, these jobs would certainly not have been the right choice, as I have difficulties seeing blood and my driving skills are mediocre. Therefore, I prefer to commute with public transportation while reading the newspaper and having a coffee.

Now tell us about your job at KPMG. What do you do?

I am currently on a two-year assignment in Buenos Aires, gaining experience as an audit manager for KPMG Argentina. My role involves various tasks. On the one hand, there is a technical part, which is to deliver our audit services in high quality to the client. My job is to ensure that the assigned tasks are completed on time, comply with internal and external standards, and meet the client’s expectation. Project management skills are essential in this regard. On the other hand, my role is associated with a number of soft skills. As business nowadays is orientated globally, the ability of speaking different languages and knowledge about other cultures is key. Furthermore, I take it as my responsibility to share my knowledge with team-members and to contribute to their own development.

Does it have anything in common with your childhood dream job?

Although it may sound odd, I can see some parallels between my childhood dream jobs and my current role. An auditor and a vet both meet clients with diverse needs. Good teamwork and the involvement of assistants and specialists is crucial for either job. A similarity with a cab driver is the possibility to travel around and get to know many interesting places. One day you may be working in the heart of a buzzling city and the next day you might find yourself surrounded by snowy mountains.

Is there a specific highlight during your time at KPMG that you would like to share?

Since my gap year before my studies in 2008, where I was on an internship in Santiago de Chile, I had the dream of returning to my favorite continent one day. Therefore, my personal highlight has certainly been the privilege to go on my international assignment to Argentina. I clearly remember the moment during take-off in Madrid towards Buenos Aires. The goose bumps I had on my skin, how proud I was on what I achieved and how grateful I was for all the fantastic people at KPMG in the northern and southern hemisphere, who made my lifelong dream of going back to South America come true.

Besides going to Argentina, what is your personal "dare to" moment, an experience that took you out of your comfort zone?

A couple of weeks ago, my performance manager asked me whether I was keen on giving lessons as a guest lecturer at the University of Macroeconomics Studies Argentina (UCEMA), teaching undergrads the accounting concepts of financial instruments. Not only did I just have a few days to prepare the class, but I also had to teach this subject in Spanish! Luckily, everything went well. I was able to answer most of the student’s questions and they left the classroom happy. Looking back, this “dare to” moment was a truly rewarding experience and has encouraged me to leave my comfort zone more often in the future. Moreover, I noticed that I enjoy lecturing very much and would like to develop myself further into this direction.

Finally, what would you tell other people about your journey at KPMG?

What I value most about my job is the steep learning curve. With every promotion I get new responsibilities that allow me to keep growing. There is no single day when I do not learn anything new, whether if it’s an accounting topic, industry insights, working on my soft skills, or getting to know interesting people. I have started my career with KPMG in 2017 and have been promoted two times since. Personally as well as professionally, I believe my development at KPMG is an ongoing and fascinating journey.