Inclusion & Diversity

Inclusion & Diversity

At KPMG, we're committed to building an inclusive future for all.

At KPMG, we're committed to building an inclusive future for all.

At KPMG, we are committed to fostering an inclusive future for all and we recognize that we need Inclusion and Diversity to be successful. Promoting an inclusive and diverse culture therefore remains a strategic priority. We respect each other and draw strength from our differences. This is core to our values.

We want to attract, retain and develop diverse talent at all levels. This means recruiting from the widest possible pool of talent, removing barriers that can prevent our people from reaching their full potential, and fostering a fully inclusive environment that maximizes collaboration and empowers everyone at KPMG to be themselves at work. We want talent and determination to determine our people’s success – nothing else.

We have been awarded the “Fair Compensation” certificate by the Swiss Association for Quality and Management Systems (SQS) and support the Work Smart Initiative. External partnerships like Advance Gender Equality in Business, our support for female board members through WomenCorporateDirectors as well as our commitment as a sponsor of the Women’s Board Award complement our various internal Inclusion & Diversity activities and help us have a positive impact on both our employees and society.

Our commitment to being inclusive isn’t a tactic. It’s a belief, a celebration of difference, and a moral imperative. It’s how we work and who we are.

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Cultural Diversity

With over 57 nationalities providing great ethnic and cultural diversity, KPMG is a place where everyone is valued for their skills, voices and differences. This brings together a variety of experiences and perspectives that make KPMG a top employer. Different backgrounds and mindsets also help us understand our clients’ needs and provide them with the right solutions.

Gender Equity

A gender-diverse workforce is an essential part of this bigger picture. While the gender distribution is close to 50% at KPMG` junior levels, our goal is to increase female representation at senior, leadership and Partnership levels. We are committed to supporting women at all levels through a range of initiatives. Including the KPMG Network of Women (KNOW), our internal mentoring program entitled WoMentoring, as well as inclusive leadership workshops for senior leadership.

LGBTIQ+ Inclusion

At KPMG, it’s important to us to create a work environment where people feel comfortable and safe, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. We are a holder of the Swiss LGBTI Label and help LGBTIQ+ individuals thrive in the workplace and reach their full potential.


An inclusive workplace is a flexible workplace. We provide a range of flexible working options both in terms of location and time to help our employees thrive and balance work and non-work responsibilities. These options include working remotely, part-time options, unpaid leave and additional vacation days.


Our external employee assistance program, which is free of charge for our employees, provides professional support in all situations where employees find themselves dealing with difficult situations related to health, work, personal or financial issues. For new parents we offer up to 16 weeks’ fully paid maternity leave and two weeks’ paternity leave after the birth or adoption of a child. New mothers and fathers also have the right to take an additional two months of unpaid leave.