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Corporate responsibility

Corporate responsibility

We strive to make a positive contribution to our clients, our people, communities and the environment.

We strive to make a positive contribution to our clients, communities and the environment.

Our approach

We strive to maximize our firm’s positive impact on society, increase the trust of all our internal and external stakeholders and contribute to a thriving market economy. We believe that a sustainable approach to corporate responsibility means creating shared value for both our business and our material stakeholders. That’s why our corporate responsibility initiatives focus on the three core topics of carbon footprint reduction, workplace of the future and innovation.

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Our contribution

We want to make a positive contribution and lead by example. That starts with understanding and continuously monitoring what’s important to us and to our stakeholders. For this reason, we maintain an open dialogue and engage daily with our clients and people. We interact through various channels with our broader stakeholder groups such as regulators, governments, non-governmental organizations, and many others.

Actively managing our environmental impact

We seek to actively reduce the environmental impact of our operations. The key components of our approach are the management of greenhouse gas emissions and the reduction of energy and resources we use for the delivery of our services. At KPMG Switzerland, it is our policy to purchase energy from sustainable sources such as hydro or wind wherever possible. Currently, approx. 90% of our electricity originates from renewable sources.

KPMG Switzerland participates in the Zurich Energy Model. All members share the common goal of increasing energy efficiency by a total of 43 percent by 2020 (compared to 2000).

Building the workforce of the future

People are our most important asset. Socio-economic shifts, the long-term effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the global response to climate change are fundamentally reshaping how we work together. Our significant and ongoing investment in lifelong learning equips our people with the diverse and digital skillsets they need to succeed in the workplace of today and tomorrow. This, combined with the latest industry knowledge, translates into the highest level of quality and insights for our clients.

Pro-bono work

Besides our people’s private involvement in charitable organizations, community work or local clubs and associations, KPMG maintains a portfolio of audit relationships with a number of non-profit organizations, where we offer our services fully or partially pro-bono.

EcoVadis certification

EcoVadis is a leading social responsibility rating organization. For 2021, we have been awarded a silver medal with 54 out of 100 points. We are committed to continuously improving our score by developing our corporate responsibility program. You can find out more about how we recognize responsibility in the following Overview.