How we help – our services

How we help – our services

KPMG in Canada’s Trade and Customs team can help your business address potential risks and develop strategy in terms of trade compliance and security.

KPMG in Canada’s Trade and Customs team can help you address trade compliance and security

Is your business equipped to handle potential Trade and Customs compliance and security risks?

Trade ​Compliance

In many countries, the trade compliance burden has shifted from customs authorities to importers and exporters. Export regulations are often inadvertently revoked. The change from border inspections to in-depth verifications also means importers and exporters must establish adequate internal controls and well-documented compliance procedures.

Security for trade 

Compounding these issues are security measures put in place to ensure the safe transfer of goods. Fortunately, companies that are aware of and have endorsed new security initiatives not only help protect their products, but also expedite their movement to clients, resulting in fewer delays and better customer service.

Meeting these challenges

Working with a global network of international trade and customs professionals, you can address potential risks associated with cross-border shipping and transactions.

The appropriate range of Trade and Customs Compliance and Advisory services covers all types of customs and excise duties, and import and export services. Our team of multidisciplinary professionals can help you:

  • Take control of your customs reporting responsibilities by reviewing current systems and implementing automated reporting systems with direct electronic links under the Customs Self-Assessment (CSA) program
  • Develop a global customs compliance strategy that takes into account all of the countries in which you do business
  • Establish control systems to comply with customs laws and regulations, identify opportunities for duty recoveries and/or reductions in future duty payments, and implement cost reductions and increased reporting efficiency.

Our team of Trade & Customs professionals is here to help your business navigate this challenging environment. Contact us today.

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