KPMG Economic Services

KPMG Economic Services

KPMG in Canada’s Economic Consulting services use quantitative analysis and modelling to help address a company’s critical needs.

KPMG’s Economic Consulting services use analytical insights to help with decision making.

Is your company operating and investing efficiently?

It's all in the numbers. In today's global and dynamic market, non-profit organizations, corporations and governments are challenged to operate and invest efficiently to provide clear direction when making decisions that impact business and policy.

KPMG’s Economic Services

That's where KPMG's Economic Services can help. Our team has the experience to provide the quantitative analysis clients need in identifying, assessing and addressing their most critical needs in the local and global markets.

Our advice is based on key principles of economics, accounting and finance applied to our clients' specific situations. We work collaboratively with you to help provide independent, unbiased analysis and economic consulting. 

Quantitative economic analysis

While we understand that many factors impact decision making, we know that a robust quantitative economic analysis helps provide a stable foundation for sustainable and impactful decisions.

We recognize the complexity of the problems you face, and through our sophisticated analyses and modelling, we provide distilled insights and solutions to help you address your most complex business issues. We offer a wide range of economic and statistical consulting services including:

Economic cost modelling and analysis

  • Develop economic models to estimate the fully loaded cost of manufacturing a product, provision of services, or development of IP
  • Specific inclusion of all costs, sunk and on-going, as well as any “negative” costs characterization of costs as fixed, semi-variable and variable, direct and indirect
  • Consideration of various allocations to facilitate robust scenario modelling for specific investment and/or business decisions
  • Value chain analyses for strategic decision-making
  • Use of client-provided data as well as external benchmarks

Pricing and demand analysis and benchmarking

  • Econometric modeling of business revenue and demand to support corporate financial, strategic and resource planning
  • Financial modeling of provincial and federal programs for internal budgeting and planning
  • Analyzing impact of regulatory/policy change on business models and impact on consumers

Economic impact analysis

  • Measure the direct and indirect effects of a business, organization, industry, investment, or event on the local, regional, state, or national economy
  • We work with input-output economic impact modeling tools, as well as specific approaches to estimate both the economic and social impacts
  • The economic effects may include employment, labor income, value added, economic output, and federal, state & local taxes

Predictive modelling and data analytics

  • Predictive modeling uses econometric or statistical estimation techniques, typically to quantify the likelihood of events, outcomes, demand, etc.
  • These analyses can be driven by relevant laws and regulations, or to assess changes in policies

Econometric modelling and statistical sampling

  • Microeconomic models: Analysis of behavior of households, firms, products, assets, etc.
  • Macroeconomic models: Analysis of larger economic units, such as industries, regions, or countries

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