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Royalty Recovery

Royalty Recovery

KPMG in Canada’s Royalty Recovery practice can help provide analysis of your obligations and contracts to address overpaid royalty fees.

KPMG’s Royalty Recovery practice helps Canada’s businesses manage overpaid royalty fees.

Are you overpaying your royalties?

Increasing cash flow is more important than ever. On average we have recovered millions for large producers and hundreds of thousands for mid-sized producers. Royalty overpayments and under collections are common and may form a large part of an organization's costs – costs that come straight off the bottom line. In many cases, an organization has the opportunity to recover overpaid or under collected royalties from several years prior. 

Royalty Reviews

KPMG's Royalty Recovery practice can provide a thorough review of both your Crown and non-Crown royalty obligations and receipts (freehold, overriding, and any other royalty arrangements). We can review royalty regulations and your leases, contracts, royalty payments and royalty receipts to obtain refunds for any overpayments or under collections. Our goal is to maximize your cash and bottom line by reducing your company’s payables and increasing your receivables by confirming the accuracy of the royalties.

KPMG has had great success increasing cash flows for oil & gas companies by reviewing Crown and non-Crown royalties, with tens of millions recovered for our clients over that last 3 years.  Our team has over 30 years combined experience in royalties and royalty recovery and have strong understanding of the opportunities available to our clients. As economic instability threatens cash flow, a royalty recovery review, helps to strengthen a company’s bottom line.

We can provide

  • A review of your oil and gas royalties, including: 
    • Gas Cost Allowance (GCA): Alberta and British Columbia, review to ensure capital, operating costs and custom processing fees are claimed, and maximized
    • Review of applicable Canadian royalty incentives: BC Deep-Well Royalty Program and Alberta Modernized Royalty Framework (C*)
    • Review of non-Crown royalty obligations and receivables
  • Recommendations for corrective action to reduce future overpaid royalty payments
  • Disclosure of liabilities or compliance issues identified
  • Employee training

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