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Indirect Tax Recovery

Indirect Tax Recovery

Helping you recover overpaid taxes and improve management processes.

Helping you recover overpaid taxes and improve management processes.

Unrecoverable or overpaid indirect taxes may form a large part of an organization's costs - costs that come straight off the bottom line. In many instances, you can recover most, if not all, overpaid taxes. At the same time, your sales tax management processes and systems can generally be improved to help reduce the risk of future overpayments.

Beyond accounts payable reviews

KPMG's experienced Indirect Tax Recovery professionals go beyond accounts payable reviews. They can track indirect taxes through your organization's financial system to enhance recoveries. This broad scope can allow them to pinpoint ways for you to better manage your indirect tax obligations. It can also help them identify improvements to your processes and systems.

We can provide:

  • Fast recovery and compliance issue identification
  • Advanced information technology for electronic data query and analysis
  • Thorough technical analysis and recovery documentation for your review
  • A thorough report, including benchmarking data
  • Audit of indirect tax recoveries
  • Minimal disruption to your organization's daily business activities
  • Vendor duplicate and overpayment recovery services, which may be combined with an indirect tax review
  • Disclosure of liabilities or compliance issues identified
  • Recommendations for corrective action to help avoid repeating mistakes
  • Employee training.

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