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Domestic Tax

Domestic Tax

KPMG’s domestic tax services help Canadian companies in multiple jurisdictions deal with government authorities and tax laws and regulations changes.

Domestic tax services help companies with government authorities and tax regulations.

Most business decisions have tax implications. We can guide you through the complexities

Canadian companies operating in multiple jurisdictions deal with numerous government authorities and frequent changes to tax laws and regulations.

Given the need to comply with the complex business tax systems across Canada. it’s important to understand the impact of business decisions. Managing federal and provincial corporate income and capital taxes effectively is challenging as Canadian tax laws and regulations can change quickly, and businesses are facing more rigorous scrutiny.

Beyond tax compliance

Although companies should be prepared to comply quickly with changes to tax laws and regulations, managing Canadian corporate taxes goes far beyond tax compliance.

Progressive companies consider tax issues in everything they do — from how they structure their business, to their plans for expansion in Canada or around the world. They should also seek opportunities to employ tax incentives that can contribute significantly to their bottom line.

Helping you stay on track

Staying on top of new tax regulations and legislation can be a full time job for in-house tax professionals. We can help you understand how to respond effectively to these changes.

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