How does corporate tax impact your business decisions?

Our recommendations:
  • Examine the tax impact of your business decisions and ensure your company is structured in a way that helps you manage taxes efficiently now and in the future
  • Look to reduce your federal and provincial corporate income and capital tax burden
    Understand the overall considerations of domestic product and service flows in the global economy
  • Consider change in your supply chain, or in the tax regulations within the jurisdictions your company operates in, so that your tax and supply chain structures are properly aligned.

How we can help

You can benefit from drawing on the resources and knowledge of tax professionals who will provide tax advice and keep you informed about changes that affect your business so you can respond effectively and efficiently.

A new approach

Together, we can develop an approach to help reduce your tax burden by, for instance:

  • Assessing the effectiveness of your business structures to ensure tax compliance
  • Planning the form of receipts and expenditures to achieve enhanced tax treatment
  • Structuring acquisitions and dispositions tax-effectively
  • Identifying available tax opportunities and global mergers and acquisitions

Global reach

Our global network allows you to gain access to tax professionals who know and understand local tax requirements - wherever you do business.

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