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The tax environment has never been so fraught with risk. On the one hand, public expectations of 'tax morality' are evolving; scrutiny on tax structures has never been higher. At the same time, tax rules and regulations are rapidly changing as the CRA, provincial taxing authorities and international bodies such as the OECD work to modernize the tax regime. Rules and expectations are in flux.

In this environment, having a good tax lawyer is no longer enough to protect your company from risk. What you need is a multifunctional tax law team that understands the nuances of the changing environment, takes a business-led view of the challenges and delivers holistic advice and solutions that drive your organization through the risk.

At KPMG Law, our tax lawyers are exceptional. They are deeply experienced in all aspects of tax law – from developing tax strategies and structures through to solving disputes and pressing courtroom advantages. They have decades of experience in private practice, industry and government institutions. And they have worked with companies in virtually every industry and business sector.

What makes our professionals different is their multidisciplinary approach to tax. Our relationship with KPMG in Canada provides our tax professionals with unprecedented access to the insights and capabilities companies need to thrive in the evolving tax environment. And our position within KPMG allows our people to bring the right combination of skills and capabilities to the table to activate each client's unique tax objectives.

In today's increasingly complex tax environment, having a good tax lawyer is no longer enough. What you need is broader thinking. That's KPMG Law.

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