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KPMG Ignition Vancouver

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At KPMG Ignition Vancouver, disruption becomes opportunity.

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A centre to transform

KPMG Ignition Vancouver is our innovation, analytics and advanced technology centre designed to spark new thinking and fuel transformation. We utilize exponential technologies, human-centred thinking, and business model innovations to unravel core business challenges and seize opportunities in an era of rapid and disruptive change. We work collaboratively with you to develop new solutions.

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The future belongs to innovators

Realizing the promise of digital transformation requires more than just technology, its power must be founded on trusted data and deep-rooted knowledge. We bring our diverse people and teams – specialists, technologists, and thinkers – together with advanced technologies and our ecosystem of alliances to create solutions that are custom-fit for specific business challenges.

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Disruption series
Design for tomorrow
Connected series
Creatively solve for today
Insights series
Unlock your data through analytics
Disruption series
Design for tomorrow
Connected series
Creatively solve for today
Insights series
Unlock your data through analytics

Disruption series

What is the future of your organization? Design a future-ready strategy by understanding your organization's current state and signals of change. Our team will help identify how you need to transform and work alongside you to get you there.

Connected series

Fragmented digital infrastructure and lack of alignment between front, middle and back office functions can impact the ability for organizations to deliver a seamless customer experience. We can help you streamline processes to build your connected enterprise equipped for the 21st century.

Insights series

Are you capitalizing on your data? With a team of professionals that live at the intersection of business, technology and math, we can show you how big data, analytics and the power of AI can become a major competitive advantage in your business.

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All-in-one space

At our Ignition Centre, organizations have access to human-centred design and problem-solving methodologies, data and analytics tools, and digital transformation solutions. Our centre brings together diverse teams, advanced technologies, and an interactive data and analytics centre all in one collaborative workspace.

Portrait of Walter Pela
To ignite innovation we’re gathering technologists, creators and changemakers under one roof, tackling disruptive challenges and transformative opportunities.
Walter Pela, Managing Partner, KPMG Ignition
Portrait of Shelly Bardai
Overcoming innovation obstacles can be achieved through co-creation and ecosystem collaboration. Let’s work together to build a better tomorrow.
Shelly Bardai, Senior Manager, Innovation & Technology

Meet our team

Our team has a wealth of experience in digital transformation, strategic innovation, and disruptive business models in an ever-evolving digital age. Together, we can ignite your business' future evolution. Make the connection.

Walter Pela

Managing Partner, KPMG Ignition
In his role as Managing Partner, Walter leads conversations with clients, business leaders and organizations on business, social and economic issues, including innovation and business transformation. Walter also serves on KPMG’s National Clients & Markets Committee, overseeing client service and market development across Canada. He is often called upon by clients and industry groups to speak and advise on technical and policy issues.
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Alan Peretz

Partner, Advisory Practice & National Strategic Growth Initiatives Lead
Alan leads the Advisory Practice in British Columbia and is the National Leader responsible for the firm’s Strategic Growth Initiatives portfolio. He is one of the brains behind KPMG’s Ignition Centre and also serves as the Canadian representative on the Firm’s Global Innovation Council.
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Jameel Ahamed

Partner, Strategy & Operations Advisory Services
Jameel is a Partner in KPMG’s Management Consulting and has deep experience working with organizations delivering digital and data-enabled transformation projects. Jameel helps strategize and implement analytics and AI solutions to improve organizations business processes and enable their workforce to utilize these emerging and disruptive technologies.
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Norbert Huber

Partner, IT Advisory Services
Norbert is a Partner in KPMG’s Management Consulting practice where he focuses on clients’ needs that require his finance, operational business and deep technical knowledge to help improve cost effective operations maximizing returns on investments while optimizing customer and employee experiences. Norbert’s passion is to explore and implement advanced technology enabled solutions addressing today’s challenges and preparing organizations for the future.
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Shelly Bardai

Senior Manager, Innovation and Technology, KPMG Ignition
Shelly is part of the senior leadership team at KPMG Ignition and is the Innovation and Technology Senior Manager. She leads the Centre with a focus on growth and innovation strategy; she fosters relationships with the tech ecosystem and leads strategic alliance initiatives with a focus on advanced technology.
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Ozge Uncu

Senior Manager, Data & Analytics Lead
Ozge Uncu leads KPMG Vancouver Lighthouse, a team that focuses on business transformation through data & analytics, innovation and technology. He leads the development of data-driven tools powered by descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytics models for numerous public and private sector organizations that inform strategic and operational decisions, catalyze growth, improve efficiency and effectiveness.
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Ollie James

Manager, Innovation Advisory, KPMG Ignition
As the Manager of Innovation Advisory, Ollie utilizes design thinking methodologies to lead workshops for clients that spark innovation, spur inclusive collaboration and fuel transformation.
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Isabelle Thompson

Senior Consultant, Insights Centre Lead, KPMG Ignition
Isabelle is the Vancouver Insights Lead, who is responsible for facilitating client sessions with a focus on data analytics. The Insights experience has been created to assist business executives with effective decision making and to help organizations harness the power of data & analytics by showcasing Art-of-the-Possible solutions that have been developed in house.
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Dr. Aranka Anema

Collaborator, Exponential Innovation, KPMG Ignition
Aranka is a business executive with a proven track record in evidenced-based scientific strategy and decision-making. She has led corporate partnerships, commercialization of big data and business growth in both federal and commercial industries. As an advisor to several intergovernmental agencies and international banks, she is called upon to provide her strategic lens on operational research methods and global health policies.
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Global connectivity. Local perspective.

With locations in many of the member firms affiliated with KPMG International, we invite you to experience KPMG Ignition Centres.

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  • Chicago
  • New York
  • Orlando
  • Amsterdam
  • London
  • Paris
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  • Göteborg
  • Madrid
  • Frankfurt
  • Luxembourg
  • Milan
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  • Lagos
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  • Auckland
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