KPMG PRI offers management system assessment, training and certification services to assist companies in meeting the requirements of nationally and internationally recognized standards.

KPMG PRI policy on independence and impartiality

In its role as an accredited certification body and greenhouse gas (GHG) validation/verification body, KPMG PRI understands the importance of ensuring that independence and impartiality are maintained in the provision of management systems, chain of custody certification, and GHG assurance services to clients. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of KPMG LLP, KPMG PRI is committed to complying with all of the firm’s detailed procedures for ensuring independence and impartiality.

KPMG PRI is independent of any organization for whom we provide certification validation or verification services. Further, we will never engage in activities that may affect our independence of judgment and integrity in relation to our certification validation or verification activities. All members of KPMG PRI are required to adhere to KPMG's Risk Management Manual – Canada relating to independence and conflicts of interest. It is each employee and contractor's responsibility to inform the leadership of KPMG PRI of any circumstances that may potentially: 

  • Place them in an actual or perceived conflict of interest
  • Cause them to lack independence
  • Cause an impairment of impartiality

Where such potential exists, we are committed to taking the steps necessary to ensure that our independence and impartiality are maintained in the provision of management systems certification services and GHG assurance services to clients.

Certification services

ISO Certification Services

The International Organization for Standardization's ISO Standards are recognized worldwide as reputable performance benchmarks for quality and environmental management.

KPMG PRI offers management system assessment, training and certification services to assist organizations in meeting the requirements of the following ISO standards:

  • ISO 9001 – Quality Management System
  • ISO 14001 – Environmental Management System
  • BS OHSAS 18001 – Occupational Health and Safety Management System
  • Auditing two or more of the above standards that are built within an integrated management systems framework, improving system efficiencies and reducing audit fees.

CSA Z809 sustainable forest management certification services

KPMG PRI is an accredited certifier that offers management system assessment, training and certification services to assist organizations in meeting the requirements of the Canadian Standards Association's Z809 Standard.  Canada's National Sustainable Forest Management Standard, CAN/CSA Z809 refers to the way a forest is managed to maintain and enhance the long-term health of forest ecosystems for current and future generations.

This national standard is unique in that it includes the following components:

  • Public participation – ongoing involvement and dialogue with community stakeholders
  • Performance – requires compliance with Canadian Council of Forest Ministers’ set of Sustainable Forest Management criteria
  • Systems – goes beyond other standards to implement, track and monitor performance.

Sustainable Forestry Initiative ® (SFI ®) certification services

The Sustainable Forestry Initiative standard is a globally recognized North American sustainable forest management standard.  It is overseen by SFI Inc., an independent charitable organization whose Board of Directors represent a balance of environmental, social and economic interests.

KPMG provides a range of services to companies seeking SFI third party certification, including:

  • Pre-audit assessments, which are often used as a starting point by organizations that are considering certification to identify gaps between existing management systems and the standard under consideration.
  • Training Services for company executives, management and staff to provide employees with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively implement and audit a system that conforms to the requirements of SFI or other major standards.
  • Third party certification audit services to communicate your commitment of sustainable forest management to your stakeholders. We audit your system for compliance with the standard and, through the use of scheduled surveillance audits, we continue to work with you to constantly review and improve your sustainable forest management practices.

KPMG also offers clients the option for an integrated audit using any combination of the major forest management and environmental standards currently available. Forest companies can also use one Integrated Management System to manage environmental, quality, and health and safety risks in both their woodlands and mills.

Greenhouse gas validation and verification services

As voluntary and regulated carbon markets expand, organizations wishing to participate in these markets face a need for third-party assurance over greenhouse gas (GHG) assertions in order to establish carbon offsets or submit verified inventory reports. 

KPMG PRI offers training, validation, and verification services based on the ISO 14065 standard to assist companies in meeting the requirements of evolving regulated GHG programs, such as those active in Quebec, Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia in addition to voluntary reporting advisory and verification services.

Current certificates

KPMG Performance Registrar Inc. (PRI) maintains comprehensive information (client name, locations covered by the certificate, standard(s), scope of certification, certificate expiry date, etc.) regarding certifications that have been granted, suspended or withdrawn. Information regarding the current status of certifications granted by KPMG PRI is available on request.

Complaints and appeals

While it is KPMG PRI's policy to provide a level of service which is unlikely to result in any complaints or appeals, it is recognized that these may sometimes be raised by a client or by other third parties. All complaints and appeals received by KPMG PRI are fully investigated and the findings are reported to the complainant. Refer to the Complaints and Appeals sections in the Public Summary of KPMG PRI Certification Processes and in KPMG Performance Registrar Inc.'s Greenhouse Gas Validation and Verification Services.

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