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KPMG as your family office

KPMG as your family office

Prosper over generations

KPMG Enterprise Family Office is all about you, your needs and those of your family over time and across generations.

We know the world of high-achieving families, each with its unique aspirations and challenges that evolve over time, indeed over generations. And we know the questions that trouble you:

How do I make sure my assets continue to grow? How do I make time to enjoy what I've achieved? How do I make sure my children and their children continue to benefit? What's next for me?

Why KPMG Enterprise?

We take great pride in our heritage of trust, established through 150 years of hard work serving many of the country's wealthiest families and reaffirmed every day by thousands of dedicated people around the world. We earn no commissions of any sort. Our first priority is to do what is best for the family.

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