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Strategy and Transformation

Strategy and Transformation

KPMG in Canada helps businesses integrate a sustainability strategy into the wider corporate strategy to address environmental and social risks.

Integrate a sustainability strategy to address environmental and social risks.

Companies that strategically address sustainability outperform others financially, including on non-financial aspects such as client satisfaction, talent attraction and innovation.

A comprehensive sustainability strategy enables a company to address environmental and social risks and to capitalize on the resulting commercial opportunities. To get there, a clear understanding of the complex and evolving policy, regulatory, and business environment issues is required as well as the ability to successful translate these issues into clear business objectives. 

We help companies to address sustainability in a proactive integrated approach to manage risk, create opportunities, and engage with stakeholders to develop effective communication about relevant sustainability information. 

We can help you to:

  • Identify and assess relevance of sustainability risks and opportunities
  • Understand the future risks and opportunity from regulation, changing market dynamics, stakeholder pressure, and physical impacts
  • Build the business case and strategic rationale
  • Set ambition, measurable targets and key performance indicators
  • Develop a comprehensive sustainability program
  • Integrate the sustainability strategy into the wider corporate strategy

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