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KPMG Forest Certification Services Inc.

KPMG Forest Certification Services Inc.

A wholly owned subsidiary of KPMG LLP that is accredited to conduct forest management certification audits worldwide.

Accredited to conduct forest management certification audits worldwide.

The forest industry is confronted by intensifying pressure for environmental and social responsibility – and rigorous scrutiny of forest stewardship practices by a broad range of stakeholders: consumers, investors, environmentalists, government and the general public.

Demonstrating that an organization recognizes the diverse expectations of today’s stakeholders and has adapted to meet the challenge is a significant challenge in itself.

Certification of operations under the Forest Stewardship Council’s® (FSC) principles and Criteria of good forest stewardship provides a globally recognized method of demonstrating that an Organization’s forest management activities reflect the delicate balance between social, economic and environmental expectations.

About KPMG Forest Certification Services

KPMG Forest Certification Services Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of KPMG LLP that is accredited to conduct forest management certification audits worldwide by the Forest Stewardship Council and operates under the authority of Forest Stewardship Council.

KPMG Forest Certification Services Inc, is accredited to conduct forest management certification audits worldwide under the FSC Principles and Criteria.

Our team of professional foresters, biologists, and environmental management systems assessors has been actively involved in the evolution of forest practices auditing for over eight years and brings a wealth of auditing expertise and common sense to task in conducting each assessment.

How Can We Help?

KPMG Forest Certification Services Inc. employs a range of services to lead businesses from the initial investigation of the feasibility of certification through to the final certification audit and subsequent annual monitoring. All of our services are designed to ensure that we maintain full independence throughout the process.

Businesses that invest in FSC certification expect their certification to provide a highly credible demonstration of their commitment to good forest stewardship. To this end, we employ an audit approach designed to maximize the credibility associated with the process while maintaining value for money. Our procedures are built upon our accumulated experience in forest practices auditing and recognize that objectivity, integrity and local expertise are key elements of credibility.

Our Services

KPMG can help forest owners and managers achieve the requirements for FSC certification. We have tested procedures and methodologies including:

  • Pre-certification preparation: provides forest managers with a detailed understanding of the requirements of the FSC standard.
  • Pre-certification assessments: provide forest managers with detailed information as to how their forest practices compare to FSC requirements.
  • Accredited Forest management certification audits: assess the level of forest management of a particular forest area (natural or plantation) against the FSC standard, and certify those forests which meet or exceed that standard.
  • Chain of custody certification audits: assess the adequacy of the controls used to ensure that certified products are properly identified and isolated from non-certified products.

Rights and Duties of Applicants

Applicants for FSC certification have certain rights and duties that must be formally acknowledged for FSC certification to proceed. These rights and duties are established and documented in a formal engagement letter signed by both KPMG and the applicant.

Specific duties of applicants include:

  • Maintaining the certification.
  • Providing access to records, documents and facilities necessary for the completion of certification activities.
  • Advising KPMG of changes to the certified systems.
  • Using the FSC logo in accordance with FSC requirements.
  • Making certain information regarding the FSC certification publicly available.
  • Acceptance of the terms of the FSC License Agreement.

Specific rights of applicants include:

  • The right to confidentiality of sensitive information.
  • The right to promote their FSC certification in accordance with FSC logo use requirements.
  • The right of appeal in relation to disputed audit findings.

Our Fees

KPMG’s FSC certification fees are calculated on a project by project basis. Prior to initiating a certification, we assess the scope and scale of the project and the expected amount of time required to complete it. We also assess the level of risk associated with the certification. Using this information we calculate fees based on an established daily rate x the number of days the project is expected to take. The resulting fee is agreed in advance before the project is initiated.

Further Information About FSC
For further information about FSC (including certificate and related data for FSC certified companies) go to the FSC certification database at

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