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Independent Assurance

Independent Assurance

KPMG in Canada helps businesses enhance stakeholder confidence in annual reporting and corporate social responsibility reports.

Enhancing stakeholder confidence in annual reporting and sustainability reports.

A growing number of organizations are recognizing the importance of providing stakeholders with confidence in the accuracy and completeness of information contained in their corporate reporting which typically includes annual reports and sustainability (or corporate social responsibility) reports. 

Traditionally only financial information was subject to independent assurance but increasingly organizations are seeking assurance on a broad range of non-financial information including key performance indicators.

Independent assurance can:

  • Provide greater confidence to stakeholders about the quality of an organization's reporting 
  • Add independent credibility to key performance data and other information disclosed in annual reports and sustainability reports
  • Increase the integrity of key information and enhance data collection and reporting processes, and 
  • Act as a tool for mitigating against the risk of the release of potentially misleading or inaccurate information.

KPMG provides assurance to organizations across a wide range of sectors and variety of assurance scopes, from selected key performance indicators to assurance over an organization’s entire sustainability report, including key data and text disclosures. 

In addition to providing an independent assurance report to stakeholders, we can also help your organization identify what information is important to stakeholders and perform assurance readiness to testing to assess the integrity of data collection and reporting processes prior to full assurance. 

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