There is growing global consensus that the corporate reporting landscape is changing and companies are facing increasing pressure from investors, stakeholders, regulators and government bodies to provide a broader perspective on the company’s value creation model, business strategy, performance and future prospects.

In today’s competitive and complex financial environment, investors and stakeholders are demanding:

  • Enhanced transparency
  • Greater clarity, consistency and reliability of financial information
  • Relevant financial and non-financial information rather than only what is required by regulation
  • Better understanding of strategy and performance including non-financial factors
  • Greater coverage over operational metrics such as the health of the customer base
  • Shorter, less complex and cluttered financial reports

KPMG’s Better Business Reporting Services can help companies to:

  • Understand and clarify your unique story and vision in order to communicate it in a more effective way
  • Focus report content on the most relevant drivers of business value
  • Demonstrate and communicate how your company creates and sustains value in the short, medium and long term
  • Identify and develop new key performance indicators to address reporting gaps
  • Align with global and national leading and award winning disclosure trends
  • Streamline reporting processes and reduce reporting costs

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