At KPMG, we believe continuing professional development is more than a mandatory requirement—it’s an essential tool in today’s ever-changing financial reporting and regulatory environment. That’s why we created KPMG Learning—an affordable, customized training solution designed to arm accounting and finance professionals with the leading-edge skills and relevant knowledge they need to launch their organizations to the next level.

Our CPD-eligible program offers a wide range of courses both on-site and online. The online option offers easy and flexible accessibility to training needs.

KPMG Learning offers a host of additional benefits, including: 

  • A 100+ course catalogue: Our standard Canadian catalogue is available through web-based self-study and offers an extensive selection of courses from IFRS to US GAAP, SEC Matters to Business Management and Information Technology. The online platform also provides access to KPMG webcasts and thought leadership.
  • Unlimited courses: Unlike other training programs, KPMG Learning is not credit-based—so there is no limit to the number of courses you can take. Custom learning portals are also available for organizations that require a secure, easy to manage and cost-effective learning environment that is fully supported and easy to use.  
  • Updates in real-time: Our course catalogue is updated as legislation and trends change. Webcasts are typically issued as a new standard is in development; while training courses are available shortly after that new standard is passed.

Customized approach

To accommodate a wide range of training needs and budgets, KPMG Learning is available in three training packages:

  1. Canadian portal: Our base portal is an ideal option for individuals and  companies with multiple users. Individuals will gain unlimited access to all KPMG Learning has to offer for one-year, including its entire 100+ course catalogue, webcasts and real-time access to other KPMG thought leadership. And because our courses, exams and certificates are all available online, you can earn your CPD credits on your own time—and easily keep track of them in the KPMG Learning system.
  2. Custom learning portal: A KPMG Learning custom portal seamlessly integrates a company’s specific training needs with the more than 100 technical accounting and finance courses included in the Canadian portal. Accessing training from one portal not only results in substantial cost savings, but makes it easier to facilitate and track annual training. 
  3. Customized and in-class: This offering combines the all-in-one convenience of a custom learning portal with on-site, instructor-led classes. For companies that prefer the instructor-led approach, we offer customized in-class training curriculum—one that is designed with the unique needs of your organization in mind.

Take your organizations learning to a new level with KPMG Learning. Contact us to learn more.

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