Evidence and Discovery Management Services

Evidence and Discovery Management Services

Effectively managing electronically stored information, helping to make the discovery process more cost effective while reducing risk.

Effectively managing electronically stored information.

Relevant information is often stored in different formats on a variety of media and in remote locations. It can be comprised of paper documents, e-mails, presentations, databases, instant-messages, audio or video recordings, which can be found on desktop, laptop, tablet, intelligent phone, server, backup tape or in the cloud. This can make the task of identifying, preserving, collecting, reviewing, analyzing and producing such information a challenge from a timing, cost and technical standpoint.

How we Help

Using leading technology, tools and methodologies, we can help your organization:

  • Identify, preserve and collect digital evidence in a forensically sound fashion, onsite or remotely, one or many devices at a time
  • Process data by applying techniques such as deduplication, filtering and searching to zero-in on potentially relevant information
  • Host documents for review and analysis via a secured web-based interface
  • Counsel on the best strategies and approaches to handle evidence in a defensible and proportionate fashion
  • Produce data in various formats including the opposing or the courts’ preferred format
  • Develop clear and concise evidence presentations
  • Adhere to established chain of custody procedures
  • Preserve evidentiary integrity
  • Early Case Assessment (ECA) tools and advice

Who we are

Our team of dedicated and certified Ediscovery professionals applies experience in information technology, information security, law enforcement, forensic accounting, law, project management and more to help organizations defensibly and efficiently manage all phases of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM).

From a technology standpoint, we host some of the leading solutions including:

  • Relativity (version 9.2) – Best in Service Premium Hosting Partner
    • Review
    • Analytics
    • Processing
    • Multi-Tenant
  • Nuix – Global Alliance Partner
    • Discovery
    • Director
  • EDT
  • EnCase Forensic
  • Cellebrite

KPMG’s Ediscovery Managed Services give organizations access to the latest software and technology while reducing infrastructure and maintenance expenditures. This innovative solution helps provide clients with secure and Canadian hosted processing, ECA, review and analysis software for a fixed monthly fee.

KPMG’s Ediscovery Managed Services allow clients to practice what they practice best, while leaving the rest to us. Learn more about KPMG’s Ediscovery Managed Services.

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