Data & Analytics

Data & Analytics

KPMG in Canada’s Data and Analytics services can identify actionable data insights to help your business turn data into competitive advantage.

KPMG’s Data and Analytics services can help you turn data into competitive advantage.

Put your data to work to gain a competitive advantage.

There is no "digital economy". The economy is digital and "digits" refer to data. Data is the lifeblood of every organization on this planet and organizations that embrace this notion are well positioned to grow as industries continue to evolve and disrupt at an ever increasing pace. 

KPMG understands how the combined power of computing and mathematical techniques applied to data can rapidly derive business insights. We believe increased intelligence and speed to insight are a competitive advantage for your organization.

How our Data & Analytics professionals can help

With a team of professionals that live at the intersection of business, technology and math, we can show you how various types of analytics can be a major competitive advantage in your business. Over the years, we have helped several organizations innovate and adapt to change, grow their revenue, increase efficiency and have a better understanding of risk in this business.

In order to help our clients keep up with the pace of change, KPMG has set up a worldwide network of Insight Centers to provide our clients a next generation environment to rapidly ideate, innovate and prototype. These state of the art innovation and collaboration centric labs offer our clients an opportunity to "disrupt in a sandbox", mature their strategy and execution plans through a professional facilitated journey supported by data, analytics and visualization.

Grow your business

The customer should be at the heart of any organization's D&A strategy. Companies need to have a consolidated view of their customer and we believe it is much more than a single view of the customer. 

A consolidated view not only includes resolving many views of the internal customer profile, but also includes their interactions and transactions with the organization and the relationships, behaviors, wants and desires of the customer that often exist outside the organization.

KPMG specialists in Canada and around the world are helping leading organizations effectively leverage the extended data ecosystem to identify actionable insights that help identify new customer segments, capitalize on emerging market trends and develop new products and services.


We can help organizations make better and faster decisions. Expanding our ability to develop the knowledge and innovative solutions necessary for delivering insight-rich D&A services is one of our foremost strategic priorities. The pace of change and disruption is increasing and organizations are challenged to keep up. 

Technologies and concepts like machine learning, cognitive computing, cloud and the Internet of Things (IoT) are game changing enablers, only if organizations understand the value these capabilities can bring. We believe guided experimentation and iteration allows our clients to incubate the change process and test new ideas with minimal investment and risk.

KPMG provides facilitated ideation sessions to help leadership teams deconstruct problem statements and through a creative design and collaborative process develop ideas and define solutions. Using the Insight Center and D&A Labs, clients can construct prototypes, test new ideas and if they work, rapidly deploy them. These collaborative spaces enable participants to share knowledge and capabilities, discover innovative opportunities, and develop the transformative solutions you need to compete.

Manage your risks

Organizations need confidence in their data quality and accuracy. As regulators become more active and the business environment becomes more complex, organizations are increasingly turning to data and analytics (D&A) to help control, predict and mitigate risk. 

By applying modern analytics techniques and technologies, organizations can now achieve unprecedented insight into the internal and external factors that drive risk and enhance compliance.

Enhance your performance

Improving and sustaining business performance is always top of mind for business leaders. D&A plays a critical role in maximizing performance across the extended enterprise. 

KPMG member firms are helping to maximize clients' implementation of analytics in their day-to-day operations. In areas such as HR, clients are applying analytics to help evaluate applicants' CVs. Others are using insights from their supply chain to drive costs out of their business and improve overall flexibility.

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