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Implementing an effective Inclusion and Diversity strategy

Implementing effective Inclusion and Diversity strategy

KPMG in Canada can help you develop your workplace culture through the implementation and adoption of an effective Inclusion and Diversity strategy.

KPMG in Canada can help you implement an effective Inclusion and Diversity strategy.

An Inclusion and Diversity strategy can unite employees and create value for shareholders

KPMG’s Inclusion and Diversity (I&D) Strategy group helps provide solutions that assess your current workforce, programs, policies and practices; identify strengths and weaknesses; and, establish a new organizational standard. This means striving for the right people, the right strategies, the right implementation, and the best outcomes.

How we work with you

We work directly with our clients to help develop and execute a strategy based on a methodology that is data-driven and measurable, benchmarks against industry standards, and increases employee/customer engagement. Our unique service offering in the Canadian market delivers rigorous and relevant insights quickly to help business leaders reduce risk, strengthen brand reputation and stakeholder perceptions, and enhance value.

Inclusion demands that we see beyond our differences to create a workplace culture which unlocks the power of diversity and helps drive innovation. Unlocking the power of diversity is accelerating productivity, tapping into new markets, and creating value for shareholders.

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