Seafield Resources Ltd.

Seafield Resources Ltd.

Creditor and stakeholder information

Creditor and stakeholder information

Receivership Proceedings

On September 9, 2014, KPMG Inc. was appointed receiver (the "Receiver") of Seafield Resources Ltd. ("Seafield") pursuant to an order of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.

Pursuant to an order of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, Commercial List, made May 20, 2015, KPMG Inc. in its capacity as Court-appointed receiver (the “Receiver”) of Seafield Resources Ltd (“Seafield” or the “Company”), is soliciting written proposals for the acquisition of the Company’s assets, by way of sale or an investment into the Company or its wholly-owned Colombian subsidiary, Minera Seafield SAS (“Minera”).

Minera, is 100% owner of 15 mining concessions covering an area of 6,042.8 hectares located in the Quinchía District in Colombia (“Miraflores” or the “Project”). Miraflores is an undeveloped open-pit and underground project with a resource base of 1.8Moz gold and 3.6Moz silver.

Seafield is also owner of 14 patented parcels of mining land and one license of occupation in the Kenora Mining Division of Northwestern Ontario (the “Elora Property”).

Interested parties must be qualified by the Receiver in order to participate in the process and are required to submit initial bids by no later than 5:00 p.m. (EST) on Wednesday July 15, 2015.

The Sales and Investment Solicitation process noted above did not result in any qualified purchase or investment bids. As such Seafield Resources Ltd. filed (or was deemed to have filed) an assignment in Bankruptcy on the 24th day of August 2015.

On March 2, 2016, the Court granted an order providing for the discharge of the Receiver upon the Receiver filing a certificate of completion. The Receiver ultimately filed a certificate with the Court on January 15, 2020, certifying that the Receiver has performed all of the outstanding activities described in the Second Report and referred to in Paragraph 5 of the Discharge Order.

Bankruptcy Proceedings

KPMG Inc. (“KPMG”) was appointed Trustee (the “Trustee”) of the Estate of Seafield Resources Ltd. (“Seafield” or the “Company”) on August 24, 2015 pursuant to an assignment for the general benefit of creditors (the “Assignment”) filed by KPMG in its capacity as the Company’s Court appointed receiver.

KPMG was discharged as Trustee of Seafield on August 23, 2019.

Contact Information

Mike Schwartzentruber

Zakir Patel

Aaron Collier

Court Orders and Endorsements

Receivership Order [PDF 153 KB] - 9/9/2014

Endorsement of Justice Newbould [PDF 33 KB] - 9/9/2014

Order of Justice Wilton-Siegel-SISP approval [PDF 1433 KB] - 5/20/2015

Justice Wilton-Siegel Endorsement of Order dated May 20, 2015 [PDF 204 KB] -6/12/2015

Approval and Vesting Order of Justice Hainey [PDF 10824 KB] - 3/2/2016

Discharge Order of Justice Hainey [PDF 924 KB] - 3/2/2016

Endoresement of Justice Hainey [PDF 57 KB] - 3/2/2016

Consent Frustration Order dated March 8, 2022 [PDF 324 KB]

Receiver's Report

First Report of the Receiver [PDF 503 KB] - 5/11/2015

Supplement to the First report of the Receiver [PDF 922 KB] - 5/18/2015

Receivers Second Report [PDF 5.8 MB] - February 17, 2016

Report of the Former Receiver dated March 6, 2022 [PDF 5 MB]

Other Documents

Receivership Application Record [PDF 6309 KB] - 9/6/2014

Notice of Motion (Returnable May 19, 2015) [PDF 139 KB] - 5/11/2015

Receiver's Motion Record (Returnable May 19, 2015) [PDF 2368 KB] - 5/11/2015

Factum of the Receiver (Returnable May 19, 2015) [PDF 451 KB] - 5/12/2015

Receiver's Brief of Authorities (Returnable May 19, 2015) [PDF 1105 KB] - 5/12/2015

Factum of David Prins (Returnable May 19, 2015) [PDF 116 KB] - 5/15/2015

Responding Motion Record of David Prins [PDF 570 KB] - 5/15/2015

Affidavit of David Prins [PDF 1580 KB] - 5/19/2015

Notice of Motion (returnable on date to be set) [PDF 90 KB] - 9/28/2015

Motion Record of the Reciever - (retunable on date to be set) [PDF 2148 KB] - 9/28/2015

Updated Service List [PDF 27 KB] - 10/5/2015

Motion Record to Approve the Share Purchase Agreement (Returnable March 2, 2016) [PDF 12586 KB] - 2/17/2016

Receiver's Certificate [PDF 454KB] - Janaury 15, 2020

s246(3) - Receiver's Final Report and Statement of Accounts [PEDF 450KB] - January 15, 2020

Motion Record of the Former Receiver dated March 6, 2020 (ret. March 8, 2022) [PDF 5.2 MB]

Bankruptcy Documents

Form 21 - Assignment for the General Benefit of Creditors [PDF 174 KB] - 8/24/2015

Form 78 - Statement of Affairs [PDF 1650 KB] - 8/24/2015

Form-19-31-2028707 Certificate of Appointment [PDF 109 KB] - 8/24/2015

Notice of Bankruptcy and First Meeting of Creditors [PDF 212 KB] - 8/24/2015

Seafield Resources - Trustee's Preliminary Report [PDF 20 KB] - 9/14/2015

Bankruptcy Discharge Order - Estate No. 31-2028707 [PDF 137KB] - 8/23/2019

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