Ivanhoe Energy

Ivanhoe Energy

Creditor and stakeholder information

Creditor and stakeholder information

KPMG Inc. was appointed Receiver (the “Receiver”) of Ivanhoe Energy Inc. ("Ivanhoe") pursuant to a Receiver Appointment Order of the Court of Queen's Bench of Alberta dated June 16, 2015 and amended June 17, 2015 (“the Court Order”). The Court Order can be found below.


Contact information

Andrew Brausen



Court Orders and Endorsements

Amended Receivership Order [PDF 417KB] - 6/17/2015

Order (Approval of the Sale and Investor Solicitation Process Procedures) [PDF 1587KB] - 7/13/2015

Court approved order of the Sale by the Receiver [PDF 916KB] - 10/23/2015

Order Approving Settlement [PDF 210KB] - 12/18/2015

Discharge Order [PDF 372KB] - 1/20/2016

Executed Receiver's Completion Certificatefirst-report-of-the-receiver [PDF 496 KB] - 2/24/2016

Receiver's Report

First Report of the Receiver [PDF 4930KB] - 7/8/2015

Second Report of the Receiver [PDF 4154KB] - 10/13/2015

Third Report of the Receiver [PDF 4082KB] - 12/18/2015

Fourth Report of the Receiver [1369KB] - 1/11/2016

Motion Materials

Affidavit of Peter Meredith, sworn June 9, 2015 [PDF 4322 KB] - 6/9/2015

Application by Robert Martin Friedland, Returnable June 16, 2015 [PDF 632 KB] - 6/16/2015

Application Returnable July 13, 2015 [PDF 509KB] - 7/8/2015

Application Returnable October 23, 2015 [PDF 2626KB] - 10/13/2015

Application Returnable December 18, 2015 [PDF 715KB] - 12/18/2015


Notice and Statement of Receiver [PDF 2168KB] - 6/19/2015

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