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Cogeco class action

Cogeco class action

Creditor and stakeholder information

Creditor and stakeholder information

Earlier this year, notices were transmitted to Cogeco Connexion Inc. (“Cogeco”) customers that qualified as participants under a Settlement Agreement dated December 19, 2019 (“Settlement”) on behalf of all customers who had billing errors and/or were deprived of Cogeco’s Internet, television and/or residential telephone services between April 1, 2018, and October 22, 2019, following the implementation of Cogeco’s new customer management system.


Following the approval of the Settlement, all qualified customers (except those who formally contested the settlement) will be receiving compensation from Cogeco.


If you are currently a Cogeco customer:

You do not have to do anything to be compensated. The amounts owed to you will be automatically credited by Cogeco on a future invoice.


If you are no longer a Cogeco customer:

A claim handling process has been put in place by KPMG. You will need to confirm your current mailing address prior to October 26, 2020 in order to receive compensation by cheque.


Please follow the instructions below:

Click on this link: Address Confirmation

You will then be asked to enter:

  1. Your Cogeco account number
  2. Your full name as it appeared on your last Cogeco invoice
  3. Your email address


Please note, if you do not remember your Cogeco account number or the full name as it appeared on your last invoice, you will need to contact Cogeco customer service at 1-800-267-9000 (Ontario customers) or 1-800-665-5151 (Quebec customers). You can also email for general information.


After correctly completing the above 3 steps, you will be prompted to submit your current mailing address. This is where your compensation cheque will be mailed. You will receive an email confirmation of your submission within 24 hours.


Should you have any questions regarding the Settlement, you can contact Cogeco by email at, and one of their specialists will be happy to assist you.


Court documents

Jugement concerning the approval of Plaintiffs’ compensation [PDF 1.7 MB]

Settlement Transaction and Release Agreement [PDF 612 KB]

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