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Canada’s new gender-diversity disclosure requirements

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Women made up more than one-third of all new appointments to the boards of Canada’s 100 largest publicly traded companies in the last six years, finds ‘Are we making a difference?’ a new research report conducted by KPMG in Canada. Almost all now have at least one female director, a jump of nearly 30 per cent since the country’s ‘Comply or Explain’ gender diversity mandate came into effect in 2014.

In today’s world of constant change, what can the Board do to enable success?

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Leaders and organizations are facing unprecedented change. Board members have a role to play in asking the right questions and engaging management in the right conversations to enable their organizations to lead change successfully.

KPMG’s Board Leadership Centre Podcast - Return to Workplace


In this episode KPMG’s BLC Co-Leaders Jim Newton and Janet Alderman with Stephanie Terrill, KPMG’s National Leader, Management Consulting, discuss which questions board members should be asking as their organizations consider returning to the work place.

Director views on the implications of COVID-19 for board oversight and business operations, strategy, and priorities.

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A publication of KPMG in the US Board Leadership Centre, this survey highlights how the uncertainty and complexities that companies face in navigating a business environment shaped by COVID-19 have cast a bright light on the importance of two fundamentals for directors: understanding the company’s strategy and risk profile, and challenging management’s strategic assumptions.

Under pressure: Maintaining a strong board/CEO relationship

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A publication of KPMG in the US Board Leadership Centre, this article was published by the KPMG US “Lead Director Initiative”, which explores critical boardroom challenges and priorities through candid conversations with leading Directors. An insightful look into the considerations to be kept top of mind in maintaining a strong CEO relationship during these uncertain times.

Investor relations takes on ESG

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Investors are asking more questions about how environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors are integrated into corporate strategy and risk oversight. This publication of KPMG in the US Board Leadership Centre interviewed three members of the National Investor Relations Institute (NRI) - a trade association based in Washington, DC, for IR professionals - for insights on the role of IR in the communication and interpretation of ESG data and disclosure to the investor community. Many of these factors are particularly important as we adapt to and emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Board Insights

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Global Surveys

Harvey Nash/KPMG CIO Survey 2019

Special report on becoming a future-ready Digital Leader

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Building a great board

Over 2300 directors explore how the alignment of boardroom talent with strategy is driving board composition and succession planning

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Calibrating strategy and risk

A global survey to better understand how boards are helping companies calibrate strategy and risk, and where the biggest challenges and concerns lie

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