Lessons from HR pathfinders

Digital transformation coupled with the impact of COVID-19 has created a unique phenomenon the World Economic Forum is calling “double disruption.” And yet, some organizations have thrived despite this double disruption, taking an experimental approach to human resources (HR) and building capabilities that survive and thrive into the future.

In this insightful report, we present how leading organizations are navigating this double disruption, and how they’re shaping their workforce for the future. We dissect the experience and vision of 18 ‘HR Pathfinders’ which we define as those organizations focusing on integrating and manually reinforcing capabilities such as employee experience, data and analytics, workforce shaping and digital HR and learning.

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The three main topics that are defining the world of work:

The ‘S’ in ESG

  • How do Inclusion, Diversity and Equity (IDE) strategies bring impact and value?
  • How is a larger, and more diverse and accessible talent pool allow for new levels of innovation?
  • How do pathfinders encourage their organization to acknowledge their own biases and adapt their behavior in response?
The ‘total workforce’ approach
  • How are pathfinders embracing the total workforce philosophy?
  • How do tailored and personalized employee experiences provide great customer service?
  • Innovative and inefficient ways to identify and fill skill gaps.
Reimagining HR for the new world of work
  • How do pathfinders experiment with new ways of working?
  • Why is continuous feedback between leaders and the workforce critical?
  • How can data be used to assess workforce performance and the total employee experience?

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