As a follow-up to the Audit Committee Guide – Canadian Edition, the Toolkit for Audit Committees offers an expanded collection of practical and useful frameworks providing audit committee members with examples they can consult and tailor when carrying out certain tasks as part of their oversight duties.

In our interactions with audit committee members, we have learned that for many tasks and activities, it is valuable for audit committee members to have access to generic templates which can be adapted and used within their organization to execute their day-to-day responsibilities. The appendices supplied within the guide and this supplementary toolkit are intended to provide practical support and are not a prescriptive or definitive list of frameworks available to audit committee members.

The Toolkit includes frameworks for the following:
  • In-camera sessions with the auditor
  • Specimen year-end timetable
  • Example questions around identifying and assessing risk
  • Internal control and risk management
  • Sample whistleblower policy
  • Internal audit sourcing options
  • Sample internal audit plan
  • Internal audit activities – key steps in the annual audit cycle
  • Evaluation of the internal audit function

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