This series follows KPMG in Canada's Board Leadership Centre Co-Leaders, Jim Newton, Partner in Audit and Assurance Services, and Janet Alderman, Partner in Risk Consulting Services as they speak to subject matter experts, covering a variety of top-of-mind topics for board members; corporate governance, board effectiveness, the evolving governance landscape and risk management. Listen to the series of podcasts which help you navigate the latest issues on the board agenda by sharing the latest thinking from subject matter experts.

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In this episode of our Board Leadership Centre podcast series Jim Newton and Janet speak with Tony Gaffney, Corporate Director, Experienced CEO and Author of the report High Performance in the Boardroom. This podcast is divided into two parts. In Part 1, Tony distills the key findings and themes from the report. In Part 2, we hear more insights Tony gleaned from interviewing 30+ board chairs and select executives in developing the report, including internal approaches to evolving the agenda, board effectiveness and working with management.

In this episode Jim Newton and Janet Alderman speak with Jennifer Campbell - Coach, Consultant and author of the best-selling book Talking Change: Must-Have Conversations for Successful Leaders, about the key conversations boards should be having within their organizations to lead change successfully.

In this episode Jim Newton and Janet Alderman speak with Stephanie Terrill, KPMG's National Leader, Management Consulting, to discuss which questions board members should be asking as their organizations consider returning to the workplace.

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