As a business owner, your company is the result of a lifetime's work and the day to day responsibilities of running your successful business leaves little time for tackling transition strategy. Whether you plan to sell your business, begin succession planning or shift leadership to the next generation, the right team can help you explore your options – to maximize your value, minimize your risk and tax burden, and foster a smooth transition.

Give yourself the benefit of time and perspective to determine which outcome is right for you. In order to help ensure you maximize the value of your business and minimize your tax burden, you should start the process of a transition plan at least five years before any change in ownership. Each organization can have different goals when it comes time to sell or transition the company. The following are some key ways that our professionals can help you as you look to transition the future of your company.

Succession planning

When it comes to running a business, the toughest decisions can be around succession. As an owner-manager, you want to make the right choices for your business – and your family. Starting early is critical for a smooth transition. By making decisions and developing transition timelines, you can avoid conflict and build the support and buy-in your successor will need.

Our professionals can help you manage the sensitivities that come with succession and provide confidential advice on the implications of any decisions your family might make. Our advice goes beyond the mechanics and tax efficiency, to consider family dynamics, governance and impact on estate plans. When the time comes, we can also help your successor take on his or her new role.

Tax opportunities

Every transaction has tax implications. Whether you're contemplating an acquisition, a merger, a restructuring or a sale, understanding the relevant tax issues will help you take advantage of tax opportunities while reducing your transaction risks. If you're considering M&A outside your home jurisdiction, getting specialized tax is critical.

Our professionals can work with you to understand the tax implications of potential deals and help you to structure transactions in ways that are tax-efficient and can help you with the best tax structures to support your wealth and future for you and your family.

Selling your business

Deciding to sell your business can be difficult. You've put your life into your work and want to get the value you deserve. But realizing value can be challenging. How can you make your organization attractive and find the right buyer?

Our professionals understand how important this decision is and can help you get the most out of the process. They can help define your expectations and identify and prioritize potential buyers. They can also help you ensure your business is in shape for a sale, evaluate offers, manage due diligence procedures and supervise the transaction.

You've spent years building your business. Let us help you get the most out of selling it.

If you are a business owner in Edmonton or northern Alberta, no matter the size of your business or where you are in the deal lifecycle, our professionals can help. Small business is big business to us, and our Succession Planning team in Edmonton can help you prepare so that when the time comes, you are confident in your future plans and in the structure and value of your company. If you have questions on how to sell to new owners, transition your business to the next generation, or are simply looking to retire, please reach out to one of our experienced Edmonton professionals.

Making businesses better. Let's do this.

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