Interest in EV adoption has accelerated rapidly, with many consumers considering a purchase within 5 years

The electric vehicle (EV) revolution has arrived, with adoption occurring faster than the industry predicted. According to our survey, 62% of respondents plan to buy a new vehicle within the next five years, with 70% planning to buy over the next decade. Of this group, 59% are looking at EV models.

Additionally, over a third of Canadians say the pandemic has made them realize that the eventual shift to EVs on their roads is inevitable. This has increased consumer demand for smarter, cleaner, and more affordable automobile options.

Key trends and insights uncovered in the survey include:

  • The current state of the industry
  • Environmental factors driving adoption
  • Financial aspects such as tax incentives and low overall investment
  • Barriers and challenges of EV adoption
  • Future growth of the sector
EV Infographic - Canadian interest in purchasing electric vehicles

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