Banks, like many other organizations, have seen an unprecedented acceleration in digital adoption over the past year. Many of the digital investments they've made over the years have helped enhance their capabilities to create a better customer experience. But more and more, there is a realization that in order to sustain those improvements, and continue evolving to be more competitive, banks still face the challenge of further automating their back end and middle offices to enable their end-to-end value proposition and differentiate the way they design and deliver services.

We sat down with our banking sector lead specialists for our CX Coffee Chats series, to discuss these insights and other banking trends influenced by their customers' expectations. How can they keep up with the pace of change? What should they be investing in to differentiate and continue improving the customer experience? We explore all things banking, with a future-oriented lens.

Grab yourself a cup of coffee and join us for a CX Coffee Chat by navigating through the video content below.

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