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Rapid delivery with the right know-how

Over the last few months, organizations have taken unprecedented steps to respond and survive - from restructuring business processes, to enabling a virtual workforce, to finding new ways to deliver products and services. Some businesses have been challenged with time-sensitive risks and/or opportunities - involving surges in work volumes - that go beyond the organization's preparedness or capacity to handle them effectively and efficiently.

Our event-based outsourcing offering addresses organizations' needs for short-term qualified professionals to deal with surges in specialized work. We can plan, provision, train, and start executing on large event-based transformation projects within 72 hours across Canada and the U.S., enabling you to outsource 1,000+ qualified professionals to achieve high volume throughput, and maintain accuracy and quality.

Here is how it works:


Step 1: Project setup

Step 1: Project setup

Rapid stand up of an efficient operating model, including access to a highly qualified talent pool.

Step 2: IT provisioning and training

Step 2: IT provisioning and training

Set up of collaborative remote work environments to quickly train our professionals on your processes and to connect across borders and time zones.

Step 3: Rapid delivery

Step 3: Rapid delivery

End-to-end solution delivery, powered by advanced technology tools, rigorous controls, and proactive reporting functionality.

Learn more in this detailed overview:

Case study

KPMG in Canada and KPMG in the US assisted a financial institution with the processing of loans as part of the U.S. Government's Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). The work fell under the CARES Act and was vital to ensure that American small businesses were able to secure loans from the Small Business Administration as they worked through the challenges brought on by COVID-19.

A team of 400+ qualified individuals was assembled within 48 hours to provide 24/7 coverage in processing over 65,000 PPP loans, all while working from home. We used robust collaboration and project management tools to stay on track and connected in order to help the client's small business customers with agility and quality.

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