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Transformative times

2020 has been a transformative year for the Canadian asset management industry – through shifting consumer attitudes, a growing competitive landscape, and, ultimately, the COVID-19 global pandemic. Our 5th annual opportunities & risks study surveyed stakeholders from across the industry to gain key insights and perspectives on how navigate our current and future COVID world. Our subject matter experts at KPMG have analyzed this data and provided the insights and strategies that comprise this year’s Canadian asset management industry opportunities & risks report.

Our resilience has allowed us to adapt and evolve. While we’ve seen many uncertainties arise, they are balanced by opportunities – the risks of changing operating models, navigating the new workplace, competition, cost challenges, and industry regulations are balanced out with the opportunity to reach new customers, drive smarter operations, integrate sustainability goals, and play a leading role in our new reality.

Read KPMG's 5th annual Canadian asset management industry opportunities & risks report to explore how 2020 has reshaped our community.

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KPMG’s Canadian asset management opportunities & risks report

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