​Engage KPMG's cyber response team

KPMG offers 24/7 on-call cyber incident response and forensic services to support your organization in responding and recovering from cyber incidents in an efficient and effective manner. Our incident response experience stems from assisting organizations of all sizes across all industry sectors and our cyber response team is equipped with the necessary tools, techniques, and practices to be able to contain and respond to the most serious of incidents.

Report a cyber incident

If you have experienced or have a question about a cyber incident, contact our team of incident response specialists:

By email: cyberincident@kpmg.ca
Toll-free telephone number: 1-844-576-4911

Provide us with details

To help assist you with a timely response, please include the following information in your request: your name, role, company, as well as key details on how we best can get in touch with you.

The following additional information will further ensure your request is handled appropriately:

  • Do you currently have an Incident Response Retainer with KPMG?
  • Have you ever been a KPMG client?

A member of our incident response team will be in touch to discuss your request.