​The HR function is dealing with a range of questions: How can it prove its relevance in the organization and deliver strategic value? How can HR design an employee experience that responds to evolving demands? And how can it use technology to better understand the needs and motivations of employees?

A closer look at more than 100 responses from Canadian HR leaders indicates that HR executives in Canada are similar to their global peers in their ambition to realize the strategic value of HR; yet they differ in certain priorities, with Canadians tending to prefer more traditional approaches.

We encourage you to explore the findings of this paper, and reflect on the following questions in the context of your own organization:

  • Is this dichotomy – ambition vs. caution – consistent with your own experience?
  • What might be the causes?
  • What can HR executives do to challenge – or work within – traditional mindsets?

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The Global Future of HR 2020 report describes a segment of organizations labelled as "HR Pathfinders". HR Pathfinders, including 7 within Canada, focus on four purposefully built interconnected capabilities in order to shape and prepare their workforce for the future.

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