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It’s time to look “beyond the points” as Canadians redefine customer loyalty

Canadian retailers have long relied on points or rewards-based loyalty programs to keep customers coming back. But it’s time to embrace a new, broader definition of loyalty that moves beyond individual transactions and aims to build long-term relationships with customers who would come back even if the points program disappeared. Our latest report looks at the different factors that drives customer loyalty among Canadians, including:

  • Traditional standards: Canadians rank product quality (74%), product consistency (71%), and value for money (60%) as their top three brand loyalty considerations.
  • New expectations: A company’s commitment to social responsibility is emerging as something that matters to consumers, with nearly 60% of Canadians saying that it’s important to them that a company be “committed to sustainability/environment.”
  • Loyalty programs: These programs do retain a place in Canadians’ hearts, as 40% say that program points and rewards were very important to their loyalty, with the average shopper participating in up to five different loyalty programs.
  • Connection: 57% agreed that a “strong personal connection with the company” helps to ensure their loyalty.

Start putting your customers at the heart of every business decision.

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Kostya Polyakov

This study is about what it takes to get customers to come back again and again. When we say ‘loyalty,’ we often hear ‘points,’ but building loyalty goes far beyond the card. Your loyalty program is just one of many levers you can pull.”

Kostya Polyakov
Canadian National Industry Leader,
Consumer and retail