The global nature of finance and commerce and regulatory enforcement is increasingly compelling companies to examine their business relationships. Increasing dependence on third parties exposes organizations to a host of new and serious risk and non-compliance issues. As a result, managing third-party risk has taken on a renewed sense of urgency.

We can help you minimize your exposure to regulatory and related reputational risk. Whatever the stage of your relationship, we can show you how to ensure your third-parties, be they customers, suppliers, service providers, alliance partners among others are a source of strength for your business – not a weak link.

KPMG's suite of technology-driven solutions are designed to help organizations reduce costs, increase quality, all while helping to improve employee and customer experiences. These solutions leverage artificial intelligence, machine learning and other technologies to re-engineer customer due diligence, transaction monitoring and sanctions management processes.

Hitesh Patel

Intelligent compliance using technology is now the new norm to combat increased sophistication in financial crime, improve customer experience and reduce cost.

Hitesh Patel, Partner,
Forensic and National Co-Leader Financial Crime

A bulk of the illegal activity that is funded through financial crime strikes at the very health of our society, be it through inciting violent activities, funding the exploitation of our citizens, or eroding public services. It's no hyperbole to say, then, that the real motivation for stepping up our AML efforts is to safeguard the health, safety, and integrity of the Canadian economy.

Éric Lachapelle, Partner,
Forensic and National Co-Leader Financial Crime

Eric Lachapelle

The whitepaper below outlines the problem of money laundering and other financial crimes in Canada. Learn what’s being done, what you can do to protect your organization from organized crime, and how KPMG can help.