​The value and volume of fraud is increasing despite the significant investment by banks to prevent and detect fraud. Fraudsters are continuously looking for new ways to infiltrate bank systems, effectively moving the goal posts with evolving fraud attacks.

The cost to banks of fraud attacks is monitored and reported, however there is often a lack of clarity on how efficient and effective the fraud function is compared to local and global peers and better practice, and what should be done to improve.

Typical operational issues

  • Timeliness of updates to banking systems and processes for evolving fraud typologies
  • Difficulty in resource planning given uncertainties in investigation complexity
  • High volumes of false positives from banking fraud alert systems
  • Lack of an enterprise wide fraud risk assessment to enable effective fraud and corruption risk monitoring

The KPMG Fraud Navigator

KPMG has developed a tool to assess the maturity of bank operating models holistically across governance, people, processes and technology. The KPMG Fraud Navigator provides a comprehensive target operating model for your fraud function, enables a maturity assessment, peer comparison and optimization opportunities in terms of both loss mitigation and resource optimization.


The benefits

  • Captures insight and experience garnered through hundreds of fraud prevention, detection, investigation and controls remediation client engagements
  • Underpins our end-to-end fraud operating model enhancement methodology
  • Optimal resource allocation and performance, considering how governance, your teams, technology and process interplay
  • We use the KPMG Fraud Navigator as an overarching taxonomy against which we assess the performance of your fraud function through maturity assessments, tailored diagnostics and the development of roadmaps

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