Massive change ahead for the Canadian automotive industry.

The auto industry is heading toward a transformation – and the wide-ranging impacts are well underway. Our latest paper pinpoints the critical changes coming to all aspects of the Canadian automotive sector, including:

  • Road safety: OEMs’ are investing heavily in autonomous features, which will have a tremendously positive impact on road safety, speed regulation, and accident rates.
  • Infrastructure needs: There is a need for continued investment in the country’s EV charging capabilities. Governments need to get out ahead of demand and expand the infrastructure.
  • Canada’s role in design and manufacturing: Canada is an ideal place for EV design and manufacturing, given the country’s existing automotive expertise.
  • Workforce requirements: These developments will necessitate changes to the workforce, with increased emphasis on robotics, AI, sensors, telecommunications, new materials, and advanced manufacturing processes specialties.
  • Battery technology: What type of battery technology will win the race? Lithium ion or hydrogen fuel cell.

Download the pdf below to learn more.

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