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In this hyper-connected world, consumers wield more power than ever before. They are the catalyst driving disruption, inspiring start-ups, and spurring incumbents to maximize the potential of new digital technologies. In this new age of the customer, will your organization survive and thrive over the next 10, 15, or even 30 years? What does the future hold for your sector?

Questions for your leadership team:

  • How aligned are you with your customer expectations (current and forecasted)?
  • Is your back-office digitally enabled to support your organization’s customer experience goals?
  • Are you investing in the right areas to drive growth while minimizing costs?
  • Do you have the right people to define your digital strategy?

KPMG Connected Enterprise is a customer-centric, sector-led and enterprise-wide approach to digital transformation. It focuses on every process, function and relationship of the organization with a single purpose: harnessing the power and potential of customers to fuel profitable and sustainable growth in a cost-effective manner. 

To learn more about how connected your organization is, complete our diagnostic.

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Eight capabilities, twice the impact

Companies who invest in the eight capabilities of the KPMG Connected Enterprise are twice as likely to meet customer expectations, achieve their business objectives and deliver return on investment.*

* A study conducted by Forrester on behalf of KPMG, 2018-2019

We are in the age of the customer. Upstarts and innovators challenge the accepted order and continuously raise the bar for customer experience. More than ever, experience drives sales and loyalty. High-performing organizations – across all industries – recognize they need to transform in a cost-efficient manner and become agile, leveraging digital technology and principles to connect the front, middle, and back office to deliver a winning customer experience.
Are you ready to become a connected enterprise?

Our approach, looking through five lenses

There are five lenses that we believe organizations should look through when considering future success.

With the customer at the core, there are five critical questions that organizations should ask themselves:

  1. Are you connecting your customers with compelling value propositions, opportunities and interactions?
  2. Are you connecting and empowering your employees to deliver on the customer promise?
  3. Are you effectively connecting your front, middle and back offices to achieve profitable customer growth?
  4. Are you connecting your ecosystem of business partners to jointly deliver on commitments to customers?
  5. Are you connecting to market dynamics and digital signals?
Five lenses graph

Let us help you harness actionable customer insights that drive profitable growth.

We welcome the opportunity to connect and help you prepare for the future. If you would like a rapid assessment of your organization to identify quick wins or areas for transformation, please reach out.

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