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Insurance frontiers

Insurance frontiers: Here to horizon

Insurance frontiers: Here to horizon

The insurance industry is changing, and paving the way forward isn't easy – this is one fact that has remained the same over recent years. With the rise of Millennial consumers and shifting customer demands, new regulations and transformative technologies, Canadian insurers are feeling the pressure to reconsider organizational structures, product and service offerings, and customer dynamics – or risk becoming irrelevant.

Are you ready for the seismic shift in customer dynamics? How will you adapt your business models in the face of innovation and technology change? Have you thought about what strategic alliances and partnerships can help you get ahead of the curve? Will you thrive in the face of game-changing regulations? We address these questions, identify 'best in class' examples, and outline strategies to respond in this year's insurance industry opportunities and risks report.

While the key trends shaping the insurance industry today are all too familiar, the journey to transformation in the Canadian landscape is just beginning. Are you prepared for what's on the horizon and ready to embrace a new frontier?

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