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Customer experience interactions across multiple industries

Revolutionizing customer experience

Revolutionizing customer experience

The changing customer

It's been called the "perfect storm" – a collision of geographic, technological, and demographic changes that are having a profound impact on the customer of today and tomorrow.

The shift in customer preferences and surge towards digitization has created immense opportunity for new and innovative companies to disrupt markets and redefine customer expectations. For established companies across many industries this has spurred the need to drastically rethink strategies and business models in order to ensure they remain competitive.

Designing customer experience excellence

Developing an intimate understanding of both the customer of today and tomorrow, and designing intentional experiences, isn't just associated with the upsides of growth, loyalty, and stronger margins. Failure to do so can have existential consequences.

In each of the sector-specific reports below, we explore how the juxtaposition of the Five Mys, which help answer the 'why' behind customer behaviour; and the Six Pillars of customer experience excellence, which help answer 'how' to respond with the best experience for that customer.

Banking – Breaking down silos, delivering individualized service and building lifelong relationships based on trust.

Healthcare – Changing the healthcare paradigm from treating the sick to collaborative, preventative care.

Insurance – What happens when cars fly and homes are too expensive to buy?

Malls (real estate) – More than a means to an end – the mall as an experiential destination.

Retail – Delivering value for a segment of one.


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