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​It's an era of transformation, and it's all hands on deck. Audit Committees and their boardroom peers face no end to the internal disruptions, digital threats, industry shifts, and climate change impacts – each of which poses unique and unyielding risks to their organizations. And with the shape and magnitude of those risks in constant flux, "business as usual" is no longer a viable strategy.

What's on the horizon? How will you adapt? And where will your organization be when (and if) the dust finally clears? These are the questions at the heart of this year's KPMG Accelerate campaign, an examination of today's most relevant Audit Committee issues and opportunities led by KPMG subject matters experts from across our practice.

The topics are familiar, but the details have changed. Disruptions have assumed new forms, data management has become more critical, and talks of climate change and corporate sustainability have taken new directions. One way or another, these factors are redefining the role and expectation of the Audit Committee.

These are interesting times with no definitive end. As always, Audit Committees are challenged to stay agile, connected, and ready to move on the risks and opportunities ahead. And as ever, we're here to support that goal.

In the pages that follow, subject matter leaders from across KPMG in Canada examine some of the most essential Audit Committee issues and spotlight the many opportunities and challenges that lay ahead. We hope the information and insights in Accelerate will help you successfully respond to these issues and provide confidence in your organization's ability to embrace the change to come.

Let's do this.

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