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Reshaping finance

Reshaping finance

In recent decades, the service delivery model for finance has evolved from shared services to multisourcing and, most recently, to global business services (GBS), reaching across multiple processes and geographies. A chief driver behind this evolution has been the imperative to deliver transactional services more efficiently, freeing up finance professionals to add strategic value through the other two layers of their delivery model "stack"—expert services and business partnering.

Extreme automation will dramatically change this approach to service delivery. From intelligent automation to advanced analytics, disruptive technology will enable finance to provide all of its services more effectively and efficiently. These include tax, treasury, audit, planning, and other high-value activities to help the business make better decisions. But just as technology creates advantage, it can also take it away. That is, while finance has made great strides in building its enterprise identity, it may ultimately need to relinquish some of it.

In the service delivery model of the future, finance teams will be smaller, they will have less of a local presence, and they will collaborate more with other functions in the journey toward end-to-end process optimization.

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